How a Real Man Became a Real Dad


by Philip Lerman

Lerman defines “dadditude” as being in the moment, which is something all parents should try to do, or at least pretend like they’re trying to do.  His very funny and readable take on parenthood is full of anecdotes and covers the first four years of his son, Max’s life.  From infertility treatments to pre-school, Lerman covers a wide range of topics from the viewpoint of an older father learning about the important stuff in life.

Large stack of books.



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Blindsided by a Diaper


Edited by Dana Bedford Hilmer

A book chock-full of honest essays about parenting. Where was this book two years ago when I was knee-deep in diapers? This collection of personal accounts from the trenches of parenthood covers a wide range of topics and parents, from Moon Unit Zappa to Ariel Gore and a lot of other sleep-deprived souls in between.

The book is an entertaining and enlightening look at the world many of us face daily. I laughed out loud, I sympathized, I read some accounts in disbelief. This would make a great gift for a parent-to-be, new parent or a parent you know who is struggling with all that parenting entails. Large stack of books.


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