Class Porn

A Novel

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by Molly Hite

Set in the 1960’s, this novel attempts to tie together feminist pornography, war, sexism and academia.  Eleanor teaches basic English at a Midwestern university and her husband has just left her.  She begins writing porn from the feminist perspective and searches for her shattered self-esteem.

I HATE to leave a book unfinished.  At less than 300 pages, this book failed to grab my attention.  I tried, I really did.  But when I have a stack of books checked out from the library and limited time to read them, I get easily frustrated.  I only got about 30 pages into this book before I chucked it.  I felt like I was entering the story somewhere in the middle.  I found it tedious and unfulfilling.  This style of writing did not agree with me.  Extra-small stack of books.



May 17, 2007. fiction. Leave a comment.