If I Am Missing or Dead


A Sister’s Story of Love, Murder and Liberation

by Janine Latus

This emotionally harrowing book tells the tragic tale of Amy and Janine Latus, two sisters that shared a childhood and adulthood surrounded by abusive men. Latus’s story begins with her early childhood, a grossly inappropriate father and her innocent introduction to games of the opposite sex. This naive beginning quickly spirals into something much darker and insidious and she spends the remainder of the book detailing her emotionally and physically abusive relationships, including her own marriage.

What Latus doesn’t realize during this time is her sister Amy is fighting her own battles in another state. Amy’s struggle will ultimately end with her death at the hands of an abusive boyfriend. Latus strives for a deeper understanding, for both herself and her slain sister, of why they gravitate towards men who mean them harm.

Latus dictates this haunting tale with grace and courage. I cried for her loss, for her mother, and for all the women out there that continue to live in this type of situation. Large stack of books.



September 14, 2007. biography, memoir.

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  1. sryans replied:

    Okay, I don’t get something, why have you not read “THE BOOK OF MOM” by Taylor Wilshire. It is so up your alley, we read it in our book club of mom’s and loved it. A perfect beach read that will make you laugh–it is about a burned out mom that is stuck and overwhelmed in her marraige and life and how she gets her passion and life back. It has all sorts of ideas and insights to life…I would love to hear your thoughts!

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